NUMSTA (WIPO No. 1115910)

NUMSTA(R) stands for NUMerical Simulation of Tunnel Aerodynamics. It is a simulation tool for flow phenomena in complex tunnel networks induced by trains traveling at high speed and has been developed in the context of the SwissMetro project (Rudolf, Alexander (1998). Simulation of compressible flow in tunnel systems induced by trains traveling at high speedPhD thesis no. 1806. Lausanne: EPFL). It uses the Euler Equations with source terms for mass, momentum and energy transfer to account for the non-linear wave propagation in tunnel networks considering vehicles, tunnel networks and active components such as fans and dampers.

By using a 2nd order explicit numerical scheme on the conservative formulation of the Euler Equations, it allows to simulate more complex flow situations than its predecssors, the Method of Characteristics (MoC) or incompressible codes.

NUMSTA(R) has been used intensively to predict the power requirement for the SwissMetro main project (1993-1998) and to define the required tunnel diameter as well as to describe the flow phenomena of the first high speed tube transportation system in a partial vacuum.

Since then, it has been used by train manufacturers and engineering consultancies in a number of high ranking projects.

NUMSTA(R) is continously updated to account for new project requirements.